Poetry: “Down With Fur” (from July 2008)

During cold or winter weather

Don’t wear fur, wear, pseudo-leather

Certain folks wear skins of bear

It’s obvious that they don’t care

While cruel traps kill the furry beasts

Vain girls wear fur to churchly feasts

Those who wear their furry boots

May hair fall right out from their roots

Many a beast drew its last breath

So gals can wear these Coats of Death

If you wear a furry coat

You best expect a nasty note

Ladies who would wear a sable

Are not welcome at my table.

Guys that buy their gals an ermine

Are to me like toxic vermin

Fur is fashion of the vain

Oblivious to all the animal'(s) pain

Come on all you silly girls

Wear something else with your rings and pearls

How much pity is there felt

For critters slain to make a pelt?

In this icy winter season

When snow is cold and ice is breezin’

Don’t wear Fur, there is no reason

Some would say as bad as treason

With furry shawl, worn to a ball

Animal lovers you will gall

At times of Yule, Some folks are fooled

That wearing Fur makes you look cool

All should know, no matter what,

That [wearing] Fur is nothing more than cruel.

For gloves or clothes with furry trim,

They still tear creatures limn from limn.

With cruelty taint. A mournful plaint,

I hope your Furs meet with read paint!

In these days of cold and snow

Let the minks, chinchillas go.

Shocking minks to make a stole.

Clubbing seals near the North Pole.

Some furry beasts are even drowned

I hope the Fur Biz burns to the ground!

[Or moves way out of town]

[Or is lost and never found]

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