Poetry: “Mary #2”

Mary ran a little scam

In person or [on] the phone

Better guard your assets

If she is in your home

Watch her every minute

Do not let her roam

Or through your belongings

She is sure to comb.

Mary ran a little scam.

She ran off with your dough

And everywhere that Mary went

The po-lice failed to show.

Mary ran a little scam

Don’t let her in your house

She can rob you blind

As quiet as a mouse

Don’t be fooled, distracted

By her loosened blouse;

For here heart there ex-ists

A cold, black-hearted louse.

One guy she ripped-off

Had a Christmas not-so-merry,

After too much ham

He had a coronary.

Mary had her comeuppance,

Some thought it was a joke;

While robbing a poor sucker

She had a fatal stroke

And Mary smoked tobacco,

So she was often broke.

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