Election Year Poetry: “POTUS, THe Joke’s On US” (from November 2018) NOte: POTUS stands for President Of The United States

POTUS, the joke’s on US

Vote for him we all are screwed.

Making useless union dues

To him all criticism is “Fake News”.

For VP he selected Pence

And if it doesn’t make money it doesn’t make sense.

POTUS really loves his daughter

But couldn’t care less about clean air, land or water.

There’s little doubt that Trump’s a total lout.

All ethic rules he likes to flout.

For the crimes that he has reached

He ought to be removed and impeached.

POTUS can be rather crass.

Some would call him a horse’s ass.

POTUS has a penchant for lies.

When it comes to [his] wrongdoing

It’s Deny, Deny, Deny.

Trump has no integrity or honor.

If he starts a war and launches nukes

Perhaps we’re all goners.

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