Poetry: “Bit By A Zombie” (a work in progress)

Bit by a zombie

I fight to survive

Am I undead or am I alive?

I hide in the bushes

Near where there are trains

I have an insatiable hunger

For flesh and for brains.

Bit by a werewolf

I wait for the moon

They found my last victim

On top of a dune.

Her throat was ripped out

And out flowed her blood

Mixed with the sand it turned into mud.

With silver bullets

Me they could kill

Before someone else

I get my next fil.

Bit by a vampire

I wait ’til it’s dark

I emerge from my coffin

And head to the park

When I find a young lady

I bite her frail neck

If i’m not careful

Her throat it gets wrecked.

When her neck it starts to bleed

That’s what i wait for;

That’s when I feed.

Garlic or wolfbane

Can keep me away

A stake it could stop me

And make me pay.

Poetry: “As Bitter As A Grapefruit” (a work in progress)

Trump’s as bitter as a grapefruit.

He falsely claims he has won.

One of thousands of lies

He’s told under the sun.

As bitter as a grapefruit.

He incited a coup.

Sending out tweets

As he sat on the loo.

Trump’s as bitter as a grapefruit

For those who oppose

His rotten agenda

And who Joe Biden they chose.

As bitter as a grapefruit

Things are now tense with his veep

I wonder if in private

Does POTUS45 weep?